How to Enjoy a Perfect Peach


 One does a whole painting for one peach
and people think just the opposite—
that the particular peach is but a detail.

~ Pablo Picasso

The Perfect Peach

Peaches are my favourite stonefruit. The perfect peach, for me, is tree-ripened and has never been refrigerated. Oh, it is so heavenly to eat—so juicy and succulent, it drips like honey when you bite into it. Best to enjoy one of these luscious fruits over the sink and not worry about the sweet honey nectar dripping down your beautiful face.

6023331104_455ea8f5af_oEHow to Skin a Peach

It’s super easy to skin a peach. The best peaches to work with are always ripe (but not over-ripe), ready to eat peaches. Remove skins from fresh peaches by submerging the peaches in simmering hot water for about 30-50 seconds (the length of time depends on how ripe the peaches are) and immediately cool them in ice water.

While peaches can be skinned whole, they are very slippery to work with, so I like to cut them in halves or quarters and then skin them. That way they don’t slide off your working surface. I also find them easier to peel when cut. I remove the pit and gently slide the skins off. Sometimes, I like to use a paring knife just to catch an edge on a quarter slice and peel it back. If your skins are not sliding off easily, it is probably because the peach isn’t ripe enough and may require a little extra time immersed in hot water.


Skinned peaches ready for anything.

Endless Possibilities

Freshly skinned peaches are ready for anything. The possibilities are endless: fresh peaches and yogurt, fresh peaches and cream, peach crisp, peach smoothies, peach pie, peach gelato, preserved peaches or, my favourite way, simply fresh—sweet and juicy and devoured on the spot!


Homemade French Toast With Blueberries and Fresh Peaches


Our homemade Peach Gelato with Fresh Peach Compote

Photo Credits

All images by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2014 madlyinlovewithlife


8 thoughts on “How to Enjoy a Perfect Peach

  1. Oh this is heavenly! :)
    I didn’t know of the ‘proper’ way to skin a peach before, so in addition to drooling over your photography, I was able to learn something new! ;))

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