Seven Uplifting Feel-Good Documentaries

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I love many types of film, including feature films, short films, animations and documentaries, especially feel-good documentaries. Here are my all time favourite, good-feeling documentaries—I love them because they always leave me feeling good about life and humanity. Continue reading

The madlyinlovewithlife Autumn 2014 Short Film Festival

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The Art of the Short

I love short film as an art form. I’m always on the lookout for short films that catch my attention in some way. Here are five shorts, some old, some more current, that I really enjoy for one reason or another. When you get some time, check out the films that interest you. I recommend viewing them in full screen mode—the cinematography is impressive.

(For more about the film genre known as “short film”, the evolution of its increasing availability to the masses and its merits as an art form, see my previous post featuring the first semi-annual madlyinlovewithlife Short Film Festival.)

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The madlyinlovewithlife Short Film Festival

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The Art of “The Short”

Short film is one of my favourite art forms. I love watching shorts. Not all shorts, of course–just as with feature film, the range of quality varies from exceedingly bad to exceedingly brilliant. And just as with feature film, I have strong preferences, so I am very discriminating in what I choose to view.GreenSpiralPSOPTFlip

My first experience with short films was back in my childhood, growing up on the Canadian prairies, when our small town theatre would sometimes screen cartoons and short films before the Saturday afternoon matinée feature film. Many of the shorts were produced by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and I fell in love with a few NFB classics over the years.

Until recently, it was nearly impossible to view shorts outside of the theatre. They were usually only screened at film festivals and they simply weren’t widely distributed for home viewing. As a result, shorts were virtually inaccessible to your average joe. Each year, I’d wistfully watch the trailers for the Best Live Action Short Film and Best Animated Short Film Oscar nominees, knowing that I’d probably never be able to see any of them.

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