Little Danbo: A Sled Named Rosebud


Knock, Knock, Knock…

I awoke today to a thick, soupy morning fog. We don’t often get fog here in Calgary and there is something wonderfully mysterious and beautiful about it. I happily finished my morning ablutions and comfortably settled into my home office with a mug of hot tea to begin my day. Deeply engrossed in my work, it took a while for my brain to register that there was a knock at the door.

To my surprise, it was the UPS guy (wearing shorts in spite of the cold temperatures, as these hearty guys and gals often do), cheerfully handing me a teeny box from Amazon. I love Amazon—I order a lot of stuff from them—but I wasn’t expecting a delivery, certainly not anything in such a small package. I took the box, perplexed as to what it could be. Then it dawned on me—I looked at the mailing label to confirm my suspicion—sure enough, the label read: Mr. Little Danbo, c/o my address. I smiled. This wasn’t the first Amazon order that had been delivered here for a certain Danbo Brother (check out this previous post to see Little Danbo’s last Amazon purchase). How Little Danbo figured out how to order stuff online, I have no idea.

I wasn’t even sure the Danbo Brothers were home—it was so quiet and I hadn’t heard any laughter, as I often do when they’re here. I looked around and happily discovered them quietly reading on a stack of cushions cozily nestled in one corner of our living room couch. Big Danbo had his nose deep in “The Sibley Guide to Birds”, and Little Danbo was enjoying “The Elements of Style”, by Strunk and White. Clapping his hands together in delight as I handed him the Amazon package, Little Danbo excitedly ripped open the box to reveal his new Danbo-sized wooden sled. He quickly skipped off in search of his hat and scarf and in no time he and Big Danbo were outside in the snow testing out the new sled. He named it Rosebud.

A sled named Rosebud.

A sled named Rosebud.

It’s a simple thing—a wooden sled and a bit of snow—but in spite of the low cloud, thick fog and cold weather, those guys spent the entire rest of the day outside, happily playing in the snow, making tracks and looking for small hills to slide down.

Ah… I don’t know what it is about the Danbo Brothers, but they always make me happy.





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All photographs by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2014-2016 madlyinlovewithlife


17 thoughts on “Little Danbo: A Sled Named Rosebud

  1. They are cute danbo brothers, he will be able to go sledding.
    It is beautiful this story
    I wish you a beautiful Tuesday, Jeannie.

  2. Now there must be a link between the nice, mysterious fog that rolled in ~ and the great activity of the Danbo Brothers. The creativity of those two never ceases to amaze Jeannie, and almost have me wishing for the snow and cold to stick around a little longer…

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