Lilacs, Just for Me!

0000000111I Love, Love, Love, Lilacs!

Every spring, I can’t wait for the lilacs to blossom. We don’t have our own lilac bush, but our neighborhood is so full of lilac shrubs that the fragrance completely permeates the air. All I have to do is step out on our balcony and breathe in the sweet, heady, heavenly scent. At the height of the bloom, the air is so fragrant, the slightest breeze wafting in through open windows perfumes our whole place. I simply can’t get enough.

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You Can’t Stop Spring


“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes,
and the grass grows by itself.”

~ Zen Proverb

It May be Late in Coming…

But come, it always does. Spring in Calgary arrives later than it does in most other parts of the world. And this year, Spring overslept, waking up much later than usual. But one thing is certain: She always wakes up. No matter how long or how cold the winter, Spring always comes.

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Colours, Bunnies & Chocolate Everywhere

Peter-&-LillianBrightOPTThe Arrival of Peter and Lillian

Ah… it’s that fun time of year again when Peter and Lillian come around. They generally show up sometime in early spring, I’m never quite sure exactly when they’ll arrive, I just know they always do.

I love seeing them. They stay for a couple of weeks and hide foil-wrapped chocolate eggs all about the place—now that’s my kind of house guest. It’s very fun when they’re around because I never know where I might find a little chocolate treat: in my make-up bag, in the butter-keeper, perched on top of a picture frame or in an empty pot in the cupboard. It takes me a while to find them all, especially as they seem to replenish them often. And they are so good at hiding them that I often find some long after they’ve left.

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Tulips on My Windowsill


“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine,
freedom, and a little flower.

~Hans Christian Andersen

The Joy of Tulips

It’s an utterly amazing thing to me that I can watch brightly coloured orange and yellow tulips (most likely from Holland), unfurling perfectly on my dining room table and my windowsill while we still have snow, or when the snow has finally all melted and we have entered “The Brown Season” of early spring. I often keep tulips around while we await signs of the first dabs of green to appear around the edge of Winter’s sometimes slow retreat. Each year, I marvel that these gorgeous tulips come to me so easily, cheerily gracing my home with their joy and beauty.

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Spring Springs Eternal


“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
“Winter is dead.”

~ A. A. Milne, When We Were Very Young

The first day of spring: she teased us yesterday morning, blanketing our world with a thick layer of soft snow and an icy wind. All I could do was laugh when I awoke to see the state of affairs. Beautiful, yes, but honestly I’d rather she had left all joking aside. I was counting on her arrival.

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