Ode to Asparagus


Succulent Green Spears

I love this time of year, when the earliest of our locally grown produce becomes available at our farmers markets. If you aren’t lucky enough (like some people I know) to grow your own asparagus or to have access to them in your mother’s garden, the next best thing is to find some fresh locally grown asparagus at the farmers market.

The arrival of the asparagus contains the promise of summer and heralds the beginning of the outrageous bounty that will soon follow. These beautiful succulent green shoots turn up in the markets in mid-May, just as the last of the previous season’s local root vegetables disappear from the stands. Happily, for the next six weeks or so, the markets are chock-full of gorgeous, incredibly fresh (picked the night before), locally grown asparagus. There is always an air of excitement when we spot the first ones.

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