Little Birds Feeding from My Hand: Pure Joy

6623945337_4f9612a32c_o-1OPTMy Fine Feathered Friend

Few things feel more delightful than having a sweet little bird alight upon your hand. A couple years back, my partner and I discovered an enchanting little conifer grove where the Black-capped Chickadees and Red-breasted Nuthatches like to hang out on Prince’s Island, our beautiful downtown city park. For many years we’ve walked by this particular grove totally unaware of it’s hidden treasures.

One very cold, bright winter morning, we remembered to fill our pockets with unsalted peanuts in the shell for our squirrel friends and stopped by the grove to toss them a few peanuts. We sat on the ground in the middle of the grove, leaning up against a large tree trunk and waited for our furry friends to appear. It wasn’t long before several Grey squirrels descended the surrounding trees to check us out. Then, much to our delight, as my partner held out a peanut for an approaching squirrel, a chickadee swooped in, landed atop the peanut and took a few unsuccessful pecks at the shell!

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