Calgary’s Pearce Estate Park: A Wetland in the Middle of the City



“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful —
an endless prospect of magic and wonder.”

~Ansel Adams

Pearce Estate Park Interpretive Wetland

Please join me on a long, meandering walk through the beautiful wetlands of Pearce Estate Park in Calgary, Alberta. You may want to pack a picnic lunch. This walk cannot be rushed—it should be slowly savoured. The treasures here are not necessarily obvious to those who rush through—they reveal themselves only to those who are willing to stop, look and quietly listen.

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Adorable Ducklings at Prince’s Island Park

7712d72Prince’s Island Park

In the heart of Calgary, flanked by the beautiful blue mountain waters of the Bow River, and only a 20 minute walk from our abode, sits our favorite park: Prince’s Island Park, a large island (about 20 hectares, or 40 acres, in size) accessible only by pedestrian bridges. When standing in the middle of the island, one is completely surrounded by grass, trees, sky and the clear blue mountain waters of the Bow River. A good part of the island has been intelligently developed to handle heavy use (among other things, it is the venue for the hugely popular Calgary Folk Festival), while the back part of the island remains intentionally undeveloped and wild, so as to attract wetland birds and other creatures.

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