The Danbo Brothers Discover the Artist Within


The Danbo Brothers painting in their studio.


“This world is but a canvas to the imagination.

~ Henry David Thoreau

The Silver Lining

The Danbo Brothers generally love to spend the whole of their days outdoors. But a recent Arctic cold snap, coupled with an inability (a temporary one, if I know the Danbos) to find suitable winter hats and scarves, has kept them housebound. Yet, to watch them happily while away their time indoors, one would never know they have such a decided preference for being outdoors. Their secret, I believe, is that they always seem to go with the flow—they simply have a knack for finding the silver lining on any clouds that drift their way.

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The Danbo Brothers Enjoy a Sunset


Forever is composed of nows.
~ Emily Dickinson

Enjoying the Moment

The snow and bitter cold have arrived and The Danbo Brothers stayed indoors today, possibly because they’ve been having some difficulties acquiring winter hats and scarves for their small and rather boxy heads. I wish I knew how to knit—I’d happily have knitted up some winter wear for the brothers by now if only I could.

I know the Danbo Brothers would have rather been outdoors today, but being indoors didn’t seem to dampen their spirits one bit. They hung around the kitchen this morning, intently watching my every move as I cooked up a belly-warming batch of roasted butternut squash soup. And early this afternoon I watched them as, curiously, they began to gather some of my books, a good number of them actually, dragging them one at a time off my bookshelf, down a long corridor and into the living room. I had no idea what they were up to.
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Happy Halloween From The Danbo Brothers


The Danbo Brothers were beside themselves with delight when they finally lit up the Great Big Pumpkins (which took them an entire day to carve). And so was I. Moonlight Mouse even made a cameo appearance for the occasion and much laughter ensued!

Happy Halloween from the Danbo Brothers, Moonlight Mouse and me!

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The Danbo Brothers’ Great Big Pumpkin Project

8140542238_2d1f4de326_o-EditThe Great Big Pumpkin Project

The Danbo Brothers have been spending their days outdoors since the leaves started to turn several weeks ago so I haven’t seen much of them lately. But yesterday morning they turned up again, this time with a smiling delivery man in tow carrying a heavy box which he deposited on my kitchen table. He unloaded several large pumpkins, bid the Danbos a cheery goodbye and quickly departed.

The two brothers spent the whole of the morning meticulously inspecting each pumpkin, making notes, scratching cryptic sketches in a small notebook and whispering back and forth to each other. I love the way they focus so single-mindedly upon the task at hand.

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The Danbo Brothers: A Crunchy Walk Through Autumn Leaves


One of Autumn’s Simple Pleasures

The Danbo Brothers are independent and active little fellows and I quite enjoy having them around. They come and go of their own accord and I often don’t see or hear from them for days. Since the leaves started to turn, I haven’t seen much of them at all. I caught sight of them the other morning on their way out and, while I normally don’t like to pry, I couldn’t contain my curiosity about what they’ve been up to, so I asked them. They happily informed me that they’ve been spending their days ambling through the woods, watching the trees turn and crunching through piles of autumn leaves. It seems to delight them no end. I know what they mean—I love it too. For me, walking through autumn leaves in fall has the same magnetic appeal as puddle jumping in spring.

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Go, Little Danbo, Go!

DSC_1670_5707 ‘We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

~ Walt Disney

A New Adventure for Little Danbo

Big Danbo took Little Danbo out for his first try at skateboarding today. (See my previous post, An Unexpected Parcel Arrives to learn how little Danbo acquired a miniature skateboard of his own).

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An Unexpected Package Arrives: Some Assembly Required


Knock, Knock, Knock…

I was working in my home office this afternoon when there was a knock at our front door. It was the UPS guy with a delivery from Amazon. Rather surprised, I told him I wasn’t expecting a package from Amazon, and he said, “It’s for a “Mr. L. Danbo”. I said, “Oh… just a minute. I’ll get him…” Continue reading

The Danbo Brothers: Teapot Cleaning Day



“The sorcery and charm of imagination,
and the power it gives to the individual
to transform his world into a new world of order and delight,
makes it one of the most treasured of all human capacities”.

~ Frank Barron

Rainy Day Play

It was a rainy day here today, a perfect day to do some cleaning indoors. So I went about doing a bit of tidying and dusting as the Danbo Brothers followed me around, dogging my heels, very curious as to what kind of game I was playing. Several times, I almost tripped over them.

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Meet the Danbo Brothers


A few years ago, when I first joined Flickr and started perusing all the incredible photography there, I would occasionally come across fun and creative images of a box-headed character. I had no idea who this character was and why people were taking photos of it. It took me a while to figure it all out, so for those of you who are new to Danbo (or Danboard, as it is technically called), it is a toy figure from Japan made to resemble an Amazon box. The character originates from a Japanese comic magazine (or manga) called Yotsuba&!.

The Danbo figures have articulated arms, legs and heads, which allow them to be moved into different positions. For some reason, they have become somewhat popular as subjects of photography on Flickr. That’s where I first saw them and fell in love with them. They always make me smile! :)

Big Danbo and Little Danbo

When I saw all the creative fun that many Flickr members were having with their Danbos, I really wanted one of my own to playfully photograph. I checked around on Amazon but they were out of stock at the time. Shortly after that, I went off to visit my parents on my own, while my partner stayed back home and I totally forgot about Danbo.

I was away from home for almost two weeks and when I returned a happy surprise awaited me—two Danbos: Big Danbo and his little brother, Little Danbo. As soon as I walked in the door, I spotted them both patiently waiting for me—Little Danbo happily sporting a welcome sign and Big Danbo extending an offering of my favourite locally-made gourmet chocolates, which evaporated almost instantly (and it wasn’t either of the Danbos or my partner who devoured them). Ah, it was a sweet homecoming indeed!

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