An Explosion of Joy: A Happenstance Meeting of Two Happy Hearts

8473062030_800f453b48_oA Little Valentine’s Story

One beautiful Valentine’s Day a few years back, I was out and about in our neighbourhood walking to a wonderful nearby neighbourhood pâtisserie. I was on my way to pick up a few heart-shaped cookies for my sweet man. It felt like spring—the sky was a clear azure blue, the sun gently warmed my face, birds chirped away in the trees and my heart sang right along with them, overflowing with affection for my sweetie. I felt expansive, head-over-heels in love with my man; indeed, in love with all of life itself.

Enjoying my incredibly pleasant walk, I noticed a little boy heading towards me across the street on the other sidewalk. Buoyantly skipping along, he clutched a plain brown paper bag in one hand and in his other hand he held the hand of an older, grey-haired gentleman. It was mid-afternoon and he was obviously being escorted home from the nearby school. This child was clearly happy—I smiled inside, imagining that the crumpled brown bag he gripped so tightly contained precious Valentine’s cards from his classmates—the thought made me happy.

Still a good half-block away and on the other side of the street, I was nonetheless glad to see such a heartwarming sight, even though our paths were not going to cross directly. Suddenly, he spotted me from down the block—and as loudly as he could, he shouted, “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!”. Beaming from ear to ear, his face exploded into instant delight when he saw that I’d connected with his message. I shouted back a Happy Valentine’s Day greeting. His little heart was so full of joy it seemed like he could not possibly contain his rapture. It was as if I was a catalyst and when his happy heart connected with my own expansive heart, there was a spontaneous and exponential explosion of joyous energy shooting out into the Universe. Whatever it was, I was euphoric.

His grandfather smiled somewhat sheepishly, almost apologetically, at me—perhaps out of mild embarrassment at his perception of what might have seemed to him to be an overzealous outburst toward a stranger. But I completely understood, connected with it and appreciated it for what it was: a pure expression of unbridled joy and delight. It was perhaps the sweetest Valentine moment I’ve ever had. This little boy blessed me with a beautiful, indelible memory of joy and delight that resonates in my heart every single Valentine’s Day.



Happy Valentine’s Day All!

Let Valentine’s Day be not about getting cards, chocolates or flowers, but about opening your heart to the possibility of joy and love, however it may find its way to you—there are so many ways to connect with the energy of love in this world.


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Illustrations by madlyinlovewithlife: ©2013-2016 madlyinlovewithlife


14 thoughts on “An Explosion of Joy: A Happenstance Meeting of Two Happy Hearts

  1. Oh Jeannie, what a beautiful story. It restores my faith in the human spirit.
    I couldn’t agree with you more – Valentine’s Day (or any other holiday) shouldn’t be about just receiving cards and gifts, but – as you say – opening our hearts to the possibility of love, or simple human decency. As pollyanna-ish as it may sound, my husband and I try to treat each day like a “holiday” and try to savor each moment.

    Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!!♡♡

    • Hello Takami! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. And sounding Pollyanna-ish is always music to my ears. My middle name is “Pollyanna!”. I believe that savouring each moment is the key to happiness, because life is made up of a continuous string of moments. So the more happy moments we have and the more things we find to appreciate around us, the happier our life will be. Wishing you and yours many strings of happy moments! :))

  2. Hi Jeannie. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your sweet man! I love this story…such a beautiful memory. Thank you.

  3. I just love curling up on the couch and reading your stories! This one was so heartwarming!
    It fills my heart with joy that others show kindness to others!
    Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to you!

  4. Just a bit of humor to complement this lively and heartwarming story… and the grandfather.

    About ten years ago when I was (ahem) in my 50’s, I took my oldest daughter and two youngest kids to lunch at a restaurant. I think it was Marie Callendar’s.

    The young lady server came by to take our orders. She looked at me smiling so I started and placed mine first. My oldest daughter then placed hers then was asked, “…and what will you be ordering your two children?”

  5. Fantastic story, Jeannie — it’s a delightfully tangible example of what happens when we exude joy: it comes back in so many ways. Wonderful illustrations too!

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