The Marriage of Beauty and Utility


“Beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty is powerful. Utility is beautiful and beauty has utility. Let’s call it “Beautility” for short.”

~ Tucker Viemeister


Beautility: My New Copper Watering Can

I love it when designers successfully marry beauty and utility. My new Haws copper watering can, handmade in England, is an excellent example of something beautifully crafted, beautifully designed for its purpose and a pleasure to use. I’m so enamoured of it, I can’t stop photographing it!


“I have coined this word Beautility because I want people to realize that even in our mercenary world, beauty is not just about flower displays. Beautility is a new way of framing beauty, as something that serves a function, that elevates it to the bottom line. When things have a name and people can point at it, then it will be easier for them to appreciate the value. Designers are key drivers in the beauty business. The design profession’s job is to create Beautility!”

~ Tucker Viemeister



“To extract beauty from one’s own milieu is one of the most difficult tasks of art.”

~ Theophile Gautier



“Beauty is good for you. It makes you feel better.”

~ Alexander Creswell




“I would like to say to people, open your eyes
and find beauty where you normally don’t expect it.”

~ Jean Paul Gaultier



“The things that we perceive as beautiful may be different, but the actual characteristics we ascribe to beautiful objects are similar. Think about it. When something strikes us as beautiful, it displays more presence and sharpness of shape and vividness of color, doesn’t it? It stands out.”

~ James Redfield


Photo Credits:

All photographs by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2015 madlyinlovewithlife

16 thoughts on “The Marriage of Beauty and Utility

  1. Is this beautiful copper watering can, your photos are beautiful.
    I think you are not going to dare to use it, it is so shiny …. :-)
    I wish you a nice day Jeannie.

    • Thank you, Herve. You are right, my friend—already the watering can is starting to lose it’s perfect copper shine from being used and from sitting outdoors. Happily, I’m also looking forward to the blue green patina that will develop as the copper ages. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jeannie, your copper watering can is a thing of beauty. It’s really nice to see how you’ve taken it from its utilitarian purpose to photographing it and bringing out its aesthetic qualities. Now I’m looking at it in a whole different way as well, so thank you. And do enjoy your new gardening tool! Have a great week, :)

    • Thank you, Debra! I love abstract-ish photographs of parts of things, so this was a fun little project. I also love trying to photograph everyday objects in a way to try to find a beautiful perspective. But this copper watering pot wasn’t hard to photograph, because it is so beautiful all around. But I do believe that everything has a beautiful side, though sometimes it takes a bit of looking to see it. Have a great weekend! :))

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  4. I love that word: beautility! Copper watering cans are so beautiful, aren’t they? But down here, I would think they would cost a pretty penny… Maybe I should just melt down my pennies and cast my own… :-)

    • Yes, perhaps this watering can is a bit pricey compared to the cost of plastic watering cans, but it will last a very long time and it’s so beautiful! It makes a nice gift for a gardener (this was a gift from my partner). Already, it’s starting to take on a copper patina (which I love) and the shine is slowly going. Speaking of pennies, we don’t have pennies up here any more. In 2012, the Canadian Mint started to phase them out. I’ve kept a few of the real copper pennies as keepsakes. Maybe those pennies and my copper watering can will be collector’s items one day!

      • With all the copper thefts that have occurred in the past, I, too, am amazed the US hasn’t phased them out. :-) Keep a lock on your beautiful COPPER watering can! Hey, the Danbo Brothers can put on a badge!

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