A Jar of Security: A Poem


A Jar of Security

I tried to contain love once,
catching some
and putting it in a jar
so I could be sure to see it
any time I pleased.

I punched holes in the top,
carefully arranged fresh leaves
and small pots of honey water.

It fluttered around beautifully
until the morning I awoke
to find its limp, lifeless
shadow at the bottom of the jar,
a note carefully pinned on:

I couldn’t stay.
I left what I could.

I love you.

~ by madlyinlovewithlife
From my collection of poetry, “Blowing Rings Around the Moon”
© 2010 madlyinlovewithlife

Love is…

Love is a funny thing. More often than not, the popular notion of love is confused with romance or other feelings, like infatuation, lust, insecurity or even jealousy and possessiveness. When I was very young, I learned the hard way that what I thought was love on my part, wasn’t. But isn’t that what those early relationships are for? To put yourself out there and learn from your own life experience what makes the stuff of good relationships?

One of my first loves didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped. But I learned so much about myself from that relationship—not only did it forge a strong desire to create a healthier relationship (mostly with myself), it produced the very seeds required to cultivate a much better understanding of what real love is all about. I learned that love is something I want to emanate from within me, not something I seek from without to somehow make myself whole. And when I learned to be happy and in love with my life on my own, that’s when true love came to me.

After that early heartbreak, I took a good hard look at myself and changed my ideas about love. Shortly after that I met my partner and since then I’ve gone to sleep every night and awakened every morning feeling adored. We’ve been together for what seems like lifetimes and at the same time only a brief moment. We fell madly in love when we first met and, though I keep thinking it couldn’t be possible to love him more, my heart still feels like its going to burst every time I think of him.

I believe what people call failed relationships are simply opportunities to fine-tune what we define as love. True love is simple. It’s never about them, it’s always about us. True love is unconditional—that’s all there is to it.


Image Credit:

A Jar of Security, digital art by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2014 madlyinlovewithlife

14 thoughts on “A Jar of Security: A Poem

  1. Artwork, poem and story are all absolutely fantastic Jeannie…It’s easy to see why you are madlyinlovewithlife :) Have a great weekend my friend..

  2. Love this poem Jeannie & your writing is amazing.
    I also feel blessed to have been married to the love of my life for 46 years this October.
    He makes me feel special every day.

  3. Hi Jeannie. What a perfect little post, LOVE the water colour and the poem and words are as wonderful. I could have written the words myself as they reflect my own sentiments totally about my wife. We have been married 26 years and I am still amazed how much I love her and her company, she completes my life so much. Look, you have made me go all soppy now ;-)

    All the best

    • Mark, thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I can’t tell you how much it delights me to hear about strong relationships and the deep and abiding love shared between couples. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts about how much you love your wife—it makes my heart soar! Thank you for stopping by, my friend! Wishing you and your lovely wife a very happy day! :))

  4. Wow, Jeannie, after I took a moment to look at that watercolor, I see YOU are the artist! My gosh, you are so talented… Your poem was lovely and intertwined beautifully with your artwork. I am very, very impressed. And your story… I am so happy that YOU are happy!

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