Peter and Lillian Are Back!


Peter and Lillian

Peter and Lillian Rabbit

For me, spring officially kicks off with the arrival of Peter and Lillian, two fanciful rabbits who have been turning up here each spring for eons.

Evidence of their existence came many moons ago. It was Easter break and I was in my second year of undergrad studies, buried up to my eyeballs in textbooks and study notes, frantically trying to prepare for final exams. I had a heavier course load than my friends, who had all taken off to go somewhere fun, while poor, poor me was stuck in the study hall.


A Glimmer of Chocolate

After a full day of pouring over books in the library, I returned that first evening of Easter break to continue my studies in my little abode. My roommate had gone off on some adventure and, all alone and dripping with self-pity, I set a pot of water on the stove-top to boil for tea and aimlessly wandered about. But as I drifted through each room, I began to catch glimpses of shiny-coloured things gleaming out from the strangest places. On closer inspection, I discovered that my place was riddled with gourmet chocolate eggs, each wrapped in brightly coloured foil. Soon, oodles and oodles of pink, gold, green and blue foil-covered chocolate eggs popped out of the woodwork and I was finding them everywhere! There had to have been dozens and dozens of them. My heart soared (not to mention my taste buds!). I gorged on chocolate eggs all weekend (and beyond, as it took me weeks to discover them all). How Peter and Lillian Rabbit found me, or knew I needed a little boost, I’ll never know—but that weekend became one of the happiest in my memory.

Gourmet chocolate eggs hidden everywhere!

Gourmet chocolate eggs hidden everywhere!

Since that delightful spring weekend all those years ago, Peter and Lillian show up every spring to sprinkle their magic around our home. Their sole purpose, it seems, is to surprise and delight by hiding gourmet chocolate eggs everywhere for me to find. They are utterly silent, and stealth is the name of their game—in all of the years they’ve come around, I’ve yet to catch them in action. For a full week or more, I never know when or where I might discover one of those tasty little chocolate eggs: in my sock drawer, in the sugar bowl, hiding under a plant leaf, on my pillow, in the change jar, sitting atop a picture frame, in my make-up bag, in the refrigerator butter keeper or sitting atop the book I’m currently reading. It’s fun. It’s fanciful. And finding one always makes my heart sing.

Peter and Lillian: Here’s to you! Thanks for all the treats, and thanks even more for bringing so much magic and delight into my life!


She’s like a rainbow
Coming colors in the air
Oh, everywhere
She comes in colors

~ Mick Jagger and Keith Richards;
lyrics from “She’s a Rainbow”,
The Rolling Stones (1967)

Colourful Bunnies Everywhere

Speaking of magic, colour and bunnies, I posted this video last year, but I love it so much, I think it warrants a re-post here. This delightful video features countless Play-Doh bunnies being unleashed on New York City to the still fresh and fabulous soundtrack, “She’s a Rainbow”, by The Rolling Stones. It feeds my love of colour and whimsy. And it simply makes me happy. I hope it does the same for you.


For a fascinating look at the genius behind this wonderful claymation film, check out this great video: The Making of the Sony Bravia Play-Doh Ad.


This post is dedicated to my sweet man, who, I suspect, is well acquainted with Peter and Lillian Rabbit.


Image Credits:

All photographs by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2014 madlyinlovewithlife

19 thoughts on “Peter and Lillian Are Back!

  1. Oh, Jeannie! What a wonderful surprise to find colorful chocolate eggs in surprise places! Peter and Lillian Rabbit are wondrous creatures indeed. :) They must be related to the Danbo Brothers — so thoughtful and kind they all are. And how Peter and Lillian must put you in the Easter holiday spirit. I wish we had a Peter and Lillian around our place — although with 4 cats and a dog they might be hesitant to come to our house. :) Have a great, productive week!

    • Hello Debra! I do believe that Peter and Lillian live in the same magical realm as the Danbo Brothers (though, to my knowledge, they have never crossed paths). Thanks for popping by. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a happy week ahead. May it be filled with delightful little surprises! :))

      • Thanks, Jeannie! And the same to you — wishing you a great week ahead filled with all kinds of colorful (and sweet!) surprises! :)

  2. Peter and Lillian are gorgeous, real Easter bunnies, I love them …
    Great photos. I wish you a happy Easter.
    Have a nice day, Jeannie.

  3. Hello Jeannie,
    What a burst of colour and sunshine to the rainy day :)
    Spring has arrived at last, and with it, the start of a fresh new season!
    Wishing you & yours a great 2nd-half of the week.

  4. Peter and Lillian have personality! I can see they bring springtime cheer! You sound very ready to welcome spring into your home, and I think the chocolate is definitely a good idea–always! :-)

  5. What a cute, cute and loveable story, Jeannie! Such cheerful moods you bring to us! And the chocolates… How’d we know you’d get around to chocolates?! (A secret: I know where all the chocolate is in your cheerful home… In your tum-tum!)

  6. Wonderful post Jeannie ~ a perfect return for me back to civilization (Hong Kong) and the Easter holiday. You’ve got such a great talent with photography and it certainly rubs off on your great friends such as Peter and Lillian ~ wishing you the best!

  7. Peter & Lillian are sure cute & whimsical Jeannie. I have never had the pleasure of eating their chocolates,Love the play doh bunnies video.

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