Cold Snap Dwindles Essential Fuel Supplies

DSC_3790_8066CRA Minor Emergency

Another Arctic cold front has settled in here—there’s a ton of fresh snow and it’s colder out there than a tin toilet top. But, truth be told, I’m rather enjoying it! It’s so pretty outside and inside it’s so wonderfully warm and snug and cozy—perfect weather for snuggling up in front of a fire with a good book and nibbling on a little something. I must say, however, that I do have a minor crisis on my hands: for some of us, fine chocolate is the fuel of choice in extremely cold weather and my chocolate supply is evaporating rather quickly—diminishing to dangerously low levels, ebbing just below my psychological comfort zone. And that will certainly never do, especially not in the face of this chilly winter cold front.

The Danbo Brothers to the Rescue

And so it is that I charged the Danbo Brothers with the critical task of replenishing my dwindling chocolate stash—I’ve sent them forth on an emergency mission to secure more chocolate so we can all enjoy this cold snap to the fullest. Since they acquired their new winter wear, the Danbo Brothers have been looking for any excuse to go out into the snow, so they were only too happy to venture out and wasted no time in setting forth. I just now returned from the front window, where I watched them amble down the snowy street until they disappeared out of sight (which, given their relatively small stature, didn’t take long). They look so adorable in their new woolen hats and scarves. I’m eagerly awaiting their return.

IMG_6763CR2It may be cold outside, but the fresh blanket of snow makes it exceptionally beautiful out there today. I’m happy—and how could I not be, looking out at the loveliness of the pristine snow and savouring a perfect square of fine chocolate? Life is good.



Danbo_WelcomeOPT2To find out who the Danbo Brothers are and how they came into my life, check out my previous post: Meet the Danbo Brothers.





IMG_6577For more Danbo Adventures, see The Danbo Brothers Category








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20 thoughts on “Cold Snap Dwindles Essential Fuel Supplies

  1. They are beautiful Danbo the Brothers, they well deserve a few pieces of dark chocolate, which is delicious. Wonderful adventure for both brothers. . .
    Have a beautiful day Jeannie.

  2. Well, loving the adventures of your little friends Jeannie, I hope your chocolate supplies stay at a sustainable level :-).
    All the best my friend

  3. Hello Jeannie,
    So nice to see you’re staying warm and positive in spite of the cold!
    I love the sweet photo of the Danbo Brothers venturing outside together. Reminds me of the storybook characters Frog and Toad (by American author/artist Arnold Lobel). I too, eagerly await their return. Their winter outfits look fabulous :))
    Warm hugs,

    • Thank you so much, Takami! Ever since I made that attitude adjustment a few years ago that I wrote about in my Rekindling the Magic of Winter post, I truly do find it very easy to stay happy. My partner and I have had some of the most beautiful and magical walks we’ve ever had in the winter time. There is a beauty to winter that one just can’t compare to any other season. But, of course, every season has its beauty. And I am delighted that you mentioned Lobel’s Frog and Toad! Over the years I’ve purchased many a set as gifts for the children of my friends and family—the illustrations are delightful and I love their friendship. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your week, my friend! :))

  4. Ah, the new year is truly underway, with the Danbo Brothers off on their first big adventure. And the acquisition of the Mystical Chocolate for the Lady Fair no less, the very stuff that legends are made of. I think I see a movie-of-the-week in the making. Lol.

  5. The Danbo Brothers are truly good friends to brave the cold weather to replenish your dark chocolate supply. Jeannie.Hopefully they return before you completely run out with a few stories of their adventures while out looking. I look forward to reading more of their adventures. Happy Thursday,stay warm and savour your dark chocolate.

  6. Haha! Wonderful Jeannie… Hopefully warmer weather and lots of chocolate will arrive soon! :))
    Have a great weekend :)

  7. Gosh, Jeannie, looks like I’m late to the table — and I’ve probably missed out on sharing the fine dark chocolate those fine young Danbo Brothers have brought home! :) This is a great post — warm, loving, and funny. And, well, it’s the Danbro Brothers! Or rather, further adventures with the boys. And underneath the lightheartedness is a beautiful appreciation of snow and cold and simply enjoying the elements as they are (even if we are in the midst of Arctic cold). So very nice indeed. I hope you enjoyed your chocolate! :)

    • Hi Debra and thanks for your wonderful comment. It’s a gorgeous wintery snowy night here and snowflakes are blanketing everything (again). It’s very beautiful. But I’m still waiting for my chocolate! I have no idea what those two are up to!!! :))) Have a great weekend! :))

        • It seems a distinct possibility, Debra. After all, chocolate IS the perfect fuel to keep one warm in this cold weather. Who could blame them if they did? But if they don’t return today, I may have to suit up and venture out into the depths of this Arctic front myself. I’m almost down to my last square. :))

  8. Did you knit those caps?! If you did, there’s another side to your creativeness! Perhaps you should come down to SoCal once again. Perhaps the chocolates aren’t as scrumptious as those you have there but it hit 90F today. Yikes! I hope that cold snap has stepped back a bit for your sake! ☺

    • No, I didn’t knit those cute little hats for the brothers. The Danbo Brothers actually procured them (you can read how here). And I would LOVE to visit SoCal again. It’s one of my favourite places ever! And yes, the cold snap is long gone and we’ve been having above seasonal temperatures, though of course, not nearly as lovely as your warm as yours!

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