Spooning: A Love Poem



soft and sleepy
morning’s long sun-fingers
gently nudge

still asleep
fading in and out
of dreams so delicious

slow awakening
two S’s
snug closer
back to belly
breath to breath



~ madlyinlovewithlife

From my poetry collection, “Sweet Honey Poems for a Happy Dancing Bear”
© 2010 madlyinlovewithlife

Image Credit:

Spooning, by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2011 madlyinlovewithlife

18 thoughts on “Spooning: A Love Poem

  1. Lovely poem, Jeannie! “Morning’s long sun-fingers” — I’ll never think of those long rays of sun quite the same ever again. Beautiful! 😊

  2. Beautiful poem, Jeannie. Just passing by to tell you my current blog is no longer active. I’m in a new web now, so if you wanted to follow me again in mi new domain, you’re more than welcome (I’m aware I write almost everything in spanish and you need to use google translate to read mi blog, but..if you still want to follow me via email or RSS, here you have the link: http://www.versandoimposibles.com) You don’t have to publish this comment. It’s fine if you just get the information!

    Thank you very much and happy new year :)

  3. Jeannie just beautiful my dear friend.
    Your poetry just makes me feel warm all over.
    Happy New Year~ Wishing all good things for you in 2015~

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