The Danbo Brothers Go Caroling

The Danbo Brothers caroling in the neighbourhood.

The Danbo Brothers caroling in the neighbourhood.

“Carols of gladness ring from every tree.”
~ Frances Anne Kemble

Here We Come A-Wassailing…

Who knew the Danbo Brothers could sing? Tonight, they joined forces with a couple of choir mice who come around here every year to carol and they spent a glorious evening singing their little hearts out around the neighborhood. All those small voices blended together perfectly and, I have to say, they sounded very sweet, even if a bit squeaky.

The Danbos going off to carol brought back a flood of happy memories from my own caroling experiences with my friends, when I was a teenager in the small town I grew up in. There were five of us, two guys and three girls. We were all good friends and excellent singers, and whenever we got together, we just naturally broke out into song, usually in three-part harmony. We also sang Christmas carols with the various choirs we were in, but what I loved best was when we caroled on our own, just the five of us. We excitedly looked forward to it every year.


The Danbos returning from caroling.

We’d plan our caroling route ahead of time and tried to pick a snowy night to go out. We’d bundle up in our warmest winter wear and walk from house to house, perform a song or two at each doorstep and then amble off to the next house on our route. I loved everything about that magical night, but I especially loved the walking and singing we did in between houses: linking up arms, we’d march down the middle of the snowy, deserted street and sing our way to the next destination. Soft, fat, fluffy snowflakes fell, magically illuminated by the glow of street lights, as our voices blended in beautiful a cappella harmony, ringing out into the night and projecting high up to the heavens. Nothing could have felt more right, more perfect, than feeling the harmony of our voices, the beauty of the night and the glow of our love and friendship. Every time we went caroling, a powerful wave of euphoria swept over me, stayed all through the night and lasted for weeks.

Warming by the Fire

The Danbo Brothers returned from their caroling rosy-cheeked, happy and flying high from the joy of singing. Expecting them to return high on life, I’d prepared the perfect dénouement for my two little friends: a blazing, crackling fire, mugs of steaming hot chocolate, and a bowl of freshly made buttered popcorn. Seeing and hearing their happy excitement as they sat in front of the fire talking about all the fun they’d had magnified my own happy memories and we all basked in that shared joy. Though the fire burned bright, it was easy to see the radiant glow of their inner joy and happiness.


The Danbo Brothers enjoying a bowl of fresh buttered popcorn by the fire.


 “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back
and realize they were the big things.”

~ Kurt Vonnegut






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Image Credits:

All photographs by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2014- madlyinlovewithlife

Image Credits:

All photographs and images by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2014 madlyinlovewithlife

24 thoughts on “The Danbo Brothers Go Caroling

  1. Oh joy!!
    This is so cool, so creative, and so fun :))
    I think caroling is a great tradition, it’s lovely when music fills the air on a cold winter day.
    In some areas of Tokyo, there are small groups who do caroling on the streets. While not as common compared to other parts of the world, I do think it’s appreciated here too :)

    The brothers look so warm and cozy by the fire. Ahhh, winter nights by the fireplace, hearing the crackling of embers and feeling the warmth. It must feel like a taste of heaven, especially after a good romp around the snow. I love the choir mice too! The remind me of the singing mice in the movie (starring a pig) “Babe.” Thanks again Jeannie, and bravo!!!

    Happy holidays to you and all your beautiful family :)))

    • Hello Takami! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. How fun to hear that there are sometimes carolers in some areas of Tokyo too! I love hearing carolers or buskers singing outdoors. And, yes, sitting in front of a crackling fire is the perfect thing to do after being out in the cold. Glad you like the choir mice—these two mice have been coming around here for many, many Christmases and are definitely part of our Christmas tradition. Happy Holidays to you and your husband and both of your families! :))

  2. A lovely Holiday documentary, and beautifully produced. I guess it helps to have such willing (and good-natured) subjects as the Danbo Brothers, and it was quite evident that they were truly enjoying themselves, which of course, always makes things go so much easier. Thanks very much, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Ah, let the Danbo Brothers be a lesson to us all in how to enjoy the festive holiday season (and I wouldn’t have expected anything less from those smart two)! I love this post, Jeannie! So jealous of you that you can sing (I can’t carry a tune even if it had handles — sorry, had to use that old cliche, but it’s true). :) Your youthful excursions to sing holiday carols is so wonderfully expressed here that I felt as if I was right along with you and the other singers, marching through the neighborhoods arm-in-arm. So nice! Hope you have a terrific holiday season — and wishing those Danbo boys a magical season as well! :)

    • Debra! Thank you, as always, for your eloquent comment. My caroling memories are touchstones for me because I can so easily conjure exactly how I felt all those years ago. It still fills me with joy to think of those times. It’s nice to have something like that in my pocket that so easily takes me to a good feeling place. It’s one of the tools in my “Happiness Bag of Tricks”. Wishing you and all your two and four-footed loved ones a very joyous and happy holiday season! :))

      • Jeannie, I forgot to mention how much I enjoy your photos, quotes, and your final message — I mean, they’re terrific! The photos are perfect compositions, each telling a “mini” story that add up to a touching narrative. So very, very nice indeed. And let me take one more opportunity to wish you warm and happy holidays in Canada!

        • Debra! How sweet of you to come back and write such a lovely note—I truly appreciate your words! May you and yours have a happy and joyful Christmas, enjoying—as Kurt Vonnegut so perfectly put it—the little things in life. :))

  4. Just love to see the Danbo brothers all dressed up for the weather! I never had the opportunity to go out caroling and thoroughly enjoyed reading about your experiences (and theirs).
    Happy Holidays to you and yours….and to the boys! xo Maria

    • Hello dear Maria! Thank you and Feliz Navidad to you! Ha! Ha! The Danbos are tickled pink that you enjoyed seeing them all decked out in their new winter apparel—they couldn’t be more delighted themselves. Ha…ha! It’s the best Christmas gift ever for them! Thanks for stopping by! xo

  5. Happy New Year Jeannie~ Wishing you and yours all the best in 2015
    So nice to see the Danbo Brothers out Christmas caroling. It really is a lost art today.
    I cannot remember the last time I saw anyone caroling.
    I look forward to your blogs for 2015.

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