The Danbo Brothers Discover Mini Honey Mandarin Oranges


“If you want to be happy, be”.

~Leo Tolstoy

Enjoying the Simple Things in Life

The Danbo Brothers are fiercely independent and they not only survive on their own, they thrive. I don’t even think they are conscious of the fact that they are relatively small-statured—nothing seems to daunt them. They simply enjoy being wherever they are and doing whatever they do. But perhaps their favourite thing to do is get out and about to explore the world—they often disappear from here for long periods, apparently off to enjoy some sort of new adventure. Given their love for exploring, I was neither concerned nor surprised when, as soon as the weather warmed, I awoke to find that the brothers had vanished once again.

Though I never fret about them, I often find myself wondering as to their whereabouts and what on earth they could be up to now. So I was especially delighted to discover them back in my kitchen first thing this morning, laughing and happily unloading a box of Mini Honey Mandarin Oranges. It seems they had somehow made their way to our local farmers market, though I have no idea how they got that box of mini mandarins back home.

The Danbos happily offered to share their oranges with me and we all sat in a spot of warm winter sunlight, quietly savouring each plump, juicy segment. It was a sweet moment. The Danbo Brothers know how to enjoy the simple things in life—like basking in a swath of winter sunshine and sharing something pleasurable with someone you love. And it made me think—isn’t an orange simply an amazing thing? And aren’t we truly blessed by the ease with which we get to enjoy such a treat, grown so very far away? I’m glad I have the Danbo Brothers around to remind me of things like that.

For an inspiring and uplifting short poem about enjoying the simple things in life, check out this wonderful poem:  The Orange, by Wendy Cope.



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All photographs by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2012 & 2014 madlyinlovewithlife

25 thoughts on “The Danbo Brothers Discover Mini Honey Mandarin Oranges

  1. They need vitamins, the Danbo Brothers, to make all these marvelous travels.
    Thank you for this beautiful sharing, Jeannie.
    Beautiful Sunday.

    • Good morning and thanks so much, Randall. I’m glad these two can make you laugh because, for me, their only raison d’être is to make people smile—and a laugh is even better! Enjoy your orange juice and your morning and the Danbo Brothers bid you a very good day! : – ))

  2. The Danbo Bros. are setting a very good example for us! I definitely appreciate their ability to enjoy the simple things in life and clever YOU for capturing the evidence. It’s surprising how often you have a camera when those two are up to something! :-)

    • Thanks, Debra. Ha! Ha! it’s quite a fortuitous thing that I always happen to have my camera with me at just the right moment to capture the Danbos in action! And speaking of being appreciative, some of the best oranges I have ever tasted were some organic oranges we bought a few years back at the Santa Monica farmers market in early February. I don’t recall the variety, it was unfamiliar to me but, oh my, they were sublime! And one of the other things that remains emblazoned in my mind from that wonderful trip to Los Angeles is of driving down the Los Angeles freeway and passing a huge dump truck filled to the brim with beautiful yellow lemons! It was such a delightful thing to see. It really wasn’t until that trip that I realized there was a citrus season and it’s when we have snow up here! So now, whenever I see the mandarins, blood oranges, Minneolas, Meyer lemons and other kinds of citrus come pouring in, I send a big thank you out to the citrus growers of California—we are so blessed to receive most of our wonderful citrus from your neck of the woods. Thanks again for your comment and have a great week ahead. :))

  3. Well, I’m so very glad I got to see those Danbo brothers once again before I depart and no longer get to follow their adventures. I hope you will take good care of them, and someday I just may pop back in to see how they are doing.

  4. Oh my goodness, so adorable and creative! I agree with Herve, they need their vitamins, and how reassuring to know they’ll find a way to get it :) My hometown (Ehime prefecture in Shikoku) is famous for ‘mikan’ oranges, and looking at this photo reminded me of the days when I would stuff myself with mikan as a young girl :) Speaking of which, I should pick some up at the local supermarket ;) Have a wonderful week ahead!!

    • Hello Takami! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. How wonderful to hear that you grew up in Ehime, where so many wonderful mikan oranges are grown. I Googled it and it looks like a beautiful place. How I would love to see those orange groves when they are in blossom—now that would be a dream come true for me. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be in the springtime. The fragrance of orange blossoms must permeate the air. When I was a child, all of our mandarin oranges came only from Japan. When I was growing up, we called them “Japanese Oranges” or “Christmas Oranges”, because they only came in December. They were a supreme treat and we always got one in our Christmas Stocking. Now, we get them from California and China as well as Japan. They are often referred to as Satsuma oranges (which I assume are the same variety as mikan oranges). I bet the oranges from your local grocer are especially delicious, as I know that Japan is known for the high quality of its oranges, and they probably taste even better there because they are so much fresher.

      The Danbo Brothers and I wish you a very happy day! Enjoy your fresh mikan oranges for us! :))

    • Ha! Ha! It’s true. Sam. These guys are incredibly resourceful. I have no idea how they do the things they do! Sometimes, I’m so tempted to follow them when they go off on their adventures. But I promised myself I would never hover, so I just let them have their fun! Have a great week ahead! :))

  5. Jeannie, first off, you know just how much I love the Danbo Brothers, and I’m so glad they’ve returned for a new adventure! Secondly, I absolutely love the writing here and the philosophy, and reading it just makes me feel so happy and contented. Thank you so much for adding this warmth to the world! Deb :)

    • Oh, thank you so much for your kind words, Deb! They really mean a lot coming from you. And it truly makes me happy to know that the Danbo Brothers and I have achieved our goal of spreading a little bit of warmth, joy and magic to the world, and hopefully bringing a smile to someone’s face. Thanks for letting us know that you are one of those people. Wishing you and your wonderful furry family a very happy week ahead! ~ Jeannie :))

      • Thank you so much, Jeannie! Yes, the Danbo Brothers are just soooo cool, and they do make me happy to see what they’re up to — and they’re so innocent, which I absolutely adore! Hope you and yours have a wonderful week as well! :)

  6. First of all…. What a superb setup and creativity! Knowing you, you must have been able to just throw that all together in an instant upon an immaculate counter top and just SNAP your fingers for the shot! Your photographic talent is incredible.

    And “mini honey mandarin oranges”? Would you know if they are called Mikan in Japanese? Like your apples the other day, I can’t recall seeing these down here. We have Pixies which are unbelievable juicy and sweet here… That’s funny… You can’t find zaru soba stuff up there but we can’t find your Ambrosia apples down here!

    • Actually, these Danbo photographs take me a surprisingly long time to shoot. These guys are hard to light, so I usually have to set up an off-camera strobe and umbrella. And even though the Danbos have articulating arms and legs, they are not that easy to manipulate and often fall over with the slightest movement, so they are rather finicky little guys to set up. But, the Danbo Brothers are always in good spirits so we always have a fun time. And, yes, I believe that the mini honey mandarin is a special variety of mandarin. They are very small, only about the size of a quarter, but otherwise very similar to the Japanese mikan orange. And just last year, I started to see those delicious Pixies up here at our farmers market! They are delicious! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week! :))

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  8. I love reading about the adventures of the Danbo brothers Jeannie and the little reminders of the enjoyment of simple things like mini honey Mandarin oranges. Sometimes we need reminders to just enjoy the little things in life.

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