Happy Halloween From The Danbo Brothers


The Danbo Brothers were beside themselves with delight when they finally lit up the Great Big Pumpkins (which took them an entire day to carve). And so was I. Moonlight Mouse even made a cameo appearance for the occasion and much laughter ensued!

Happy Halloween from the Danbo Brothers, Moonlight Mouse and me!

For more about the Danbo Brothers and their pumpkin carving day, see my previous post, The Danbo Brothers’ Great Big Pumpkin Project.

Image Credit

photograph by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2014 madlyinlovewithlife

12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween From The Danbo Brothers

  1. Magnifiques “Jack-o’-Lantern”, Joli travail Jeannie. :-)
    Je te souhaite un bon Halloween. Hervé
    Belle journée à toi.

  2. Hello Jeannie!
    What marvelous Jack-O’-Lanterns, with the mouse scampering over them! You and the Danbo Brothers did a splendid job. The photo is beautiful, like a painting from a children’s book – it must be grand to see it with your own eyes :)

    I just saw your other post referring to Midnight Mouse (I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before) and loved it. Your illustrations are wonderful. I really like the film Ratatouille too. Society (and sometimes even those closest to us) often seems to discourage us from trying to follow our hearts/’impossible dreams’ but I too, believe that nothing is impossible if we’re truly determined to accomplish it – and work hard for it. Instead of wasting energy obsessing over what I can’t do, I’d rather channel it towards accomplishing something ;)

    TGIF, wishing you and your partner (and the Danbo Bros) a perfect autumn weekend.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Takami. Moonlight Mouse is another one of my whimsical little characters. Like the Danbo Brothers, Moonlight represents my belief that it’s important to listen to one’s heart’s desire. I especially love it when seemingly small characters accomplish surprisingly big things. :))

      Happy weekend to you!

    • Hi Mom! Thanks for stopping by. The Danbo Brothers showed up here with four pumpkins. They carved two of them into Jack-o’-lanterns. The other two were small sugar pumpkins which I used to bake pumpkin pies with a pecan gingersnap crust. We certainly have been having a lot of fun around here! Happy Halloween to you and everyone up in the north country! :)))

  3. Great pumpkin carving. Your jack-o-lanterns have so much personality. Sorry I haven’t commented for a few weeks. I am a bit behind on things ever since school started up. I definitely have to scroll back a few entries and check up on the Danbo Brothers. Hope you had a fun Halloween. Thank goodness the snow stayed away until now. Here’s to a quick melt! Have a great week .

    • Hello Teddy! It’s always lovely to have you stop by, but no worries ever about commenting or how often you visit. My blog is here solely for your enjoyment! We certainly have been fortunate to have had such a lovely autumn. The snowfall we got yesterday is already nearly melted and it looks like a warm sunny week ahead! Enjoy the rest of autumn. Wishing you a very happy week! :))

  4. This is wonderful Jeannie..It looks like everyone had lots of fun :) Hope you didn’t get too much
    snow over there…we certainly got plenty! Have a great week my friend..

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