The Danbo Brothers’ Great Big Pumpkin Project

8140542238_2d1f4de326_o-EditThe Great Big Pumpkin Project

The Danbo Brothers have been spending their days outdoors since the leaves started to turn several weeks ago so I haven’t seen much of them lately. But yesterday morning they turned up again, this time with a smiling delivery man in tow carrying a heavy box which he deposited on my kitchen table. He unloaded several large pumpkins, bid the Danbos a cheery goodbye and quickly departed.

The two brothers spent the whole of the morning meticulously inspecting each pumpkin, making notes, scratching cryptic sketches in a small notebook and whispering back and forth to each other. I love the way they focus so single-mindedly upon the task at hand.

8140549378_8960d87494_o-EditA World Of Possibility

It took the Danbo Brothers all day to finish their handiwork on the pumpkins. They managed the project all by themselves (except for the one time I rescued Little Danbo from the gooey clutches of several long stringy strands of pumpkin slime he somehow got inextricably mired in as he worked diligently on hollowing out the inside of a pumpkin).

I have no idea how these two little guys do the things they do. But I believe their success is due entirely to the fact that, for the Danbos, the concept “impossible” does not seem to exist. In their world, anything is possible. My suspicions about their philosophy were confirmed when I came across a small scrap of paper one day with a handwritten quote copied out in Little Danbo’s neat and tiny script:

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration.  It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.
Impossible is nothing.”

~ Muhammad Ali

Whatever their beliefs, the infectious, fiercely independent and happy nature of the Danbo Brothers makes them a joy to be around. Its nice to have them back from the woods.



Danbo_WelcomeOPT2-EditTo find out who the Danbo Brothers are and how they came into my life, check out my previous post: Meet the Danbo Brothers.






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All photos by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2014 madlyinlovewithlife

23 thoughts on “The Danbo Brothers’ Great Big Pumpkin Project

  1. Oh my goodness, this is so creative & wonderful! It’s amazing what these 2 little guys can accomplish once they set their minds to it. Truth be told, I’ve been having some down days, and felt negative towards everything. Thanks to you (and the Danbo Bros), I realise it’s time to snap out of my funk. The Muhammad Ali quote is perfect (and his daughter was quite a fighter too). Thanks for the – figurative – kick-to-the-behind. I hope your week is coming along well, and you & your partner are enjoying the Fall weather. Any plans for pumpkin pie? ;)

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Takami! I’m glad that the Danbo Brothers had that affect on you—they have that affect on me as well! Their positive spirit really IS infectious! They often give me a good kick to the behind too! :))

      And what a coincidence that you should mention Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Laila. I didn’t know anything about her until I watched her compete on one of my favourite competitive cooking shows, Chopped, just the other day. I didn’t know that Muhammad Ali’s daughter was also a boxer until she talked about it on Chopped. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. She loves to cook and is just as competitive in the cooking arena as the boxing ring.

      And speaking of cooking, as a matter of fact, there have been more than a few pumpkin pies around here of late. In fact, the small pumpkin that Little Danbo is standing on is a sugar pumpkin, excellent for baking (whereas the large pumpkins are grown for Halloween Jack-o’-lanterns—they are not at all good for eating). I used that beautiful little sugar pumpkin to make a pumpkin pie with a gingersnap and toasted pecan crust. It’s one of my partner’s favourite treats.

      Thanks again for your comment! Wishing you a happy week! :))

      • Good morning from Tokyo, and many thanks for your reply!
        So glad to know you like Laila – I agree, she’s beautiful inside & out, and also a strong fighter to boot :) The pumpkin pie sounds sooooo delicious, my husband is insanely jealous of your partner ;) When I studied in the States, I really enjoyed Thanksgiving…including pumpkin & apple pie. You can’t find genuine pumpkin pies here, and if/when I ever have the opportunity to travel again, you can bet that eating real pies will be high on my priority list ;) It’s also interesting in that Halloween – at least the Jack-O’-Lanterns – are getting popular in Tokyo.

        On another side note, my tennis elbow is making progress. Thank you so much for your tips! Wishing you a wonderful evening :)))

        • I wish I could send you and your husband a few of my homemade pies! And I’m very happy to hear that you are making progress. Stay positive! Thank you again for the reblog—I’m deeply honoured. :))

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    • Merci beaucoup, Hervé! De temps en temps, je aime faire un peu ludique avec ma photographie! Je vous souhaite une bonne journée!

      Thank you very much, Hervé. Once in a while, I enjoy getting a bit playful with my photography!

  3. These are terrific! I’ve become a new “The Danbo Brothers” fan! So creative — haven’t seen anything else like this … love it!!!! :)

    • Thanks C-Dog! I first saw Danbos on Flickr, where they are popular subjects of photography. Many amateur photographers (and some professionals) become smitten with Danbos, as I have, and have taken some very fun and creative Danbo shots. When I saw all the fun so many people on Flickr were having with their Danbos, I wanted my own. They are wonderful for someone like me who is learning photography and who tends to anthropomorphize everything. The Danbos and I have a lot of fun in the process. Thanks for the visits! :))

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  5. Jeannie… Surely you jest… Neither of the Danbo Brothers has a knife in his, umm, square appendage thingie. You can’t fool us… No ma’am. They used a jig saw, didn’t they! So where did you hide the gizmo? Besides, only you has the required knife action and skill to accomplish such fine carving… Remember your basil chiffonade? I rest my case. :-)

    • Ha…ha! Thanks, Koji! But the Danbo Brothers really DID do all the carving! I should get them a jig-saw! What a great idea! It would work better than the cheap little pumpkin kit serrated knife they used. That’s why it took them all day! (Well, that, and the fact that Little Danbo got stuck in pumpkin-innards slime!) :)))

  6. I appear to be reading the Great Danbo Adventures somewhat in reverse, but no matter, it’s all working out just fine. I’m enjoying myself immensely, and my respect for your writing ability is growing in leaps and bounds (two things I’m betting the Danbos are simply wonderful at). In the meantime, I hope you are keeping well, and I’ll be reading you soon.

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