The Danbo Brothers: Teapot Cleaning Day



“The sorcery and charm of imagination,
and the power it gives to the individual
to transform his world into a new world of order and delight,
makes it one of the most treasured of all human capacities”.

~ Frank Barron

Rainy Day Play

It was a rainy day here today, a perfect day to do some cleaning indoors. So I went about doing a bit of tidying and dusting as the Danbo Brothers followed me around, dogging my heels, very curious as to what kind of game I was playing. Several times, I almost tripped over them.

Apparently, the Danbo Brothers really enjoy being active, so I set them up to clean a couple of my teapots. And although Big Danbo and Little Danbo focused intently on the task at hand, I heard them laugh together constantly as they meticulously dusted and polished.

It seems that the Danbos blur the line between work and play. After they finished shining up those two pots, they asked if I had any more teapots they might be able to play with. They clapped their hands with delight when I gave them another three pots to clean.

Danbo_WelcomeOPT2To find out who the Danbo Brothers are and how they came into my life, check out my previous post: Meet the Danbo Brothers.






Image Credits:

Teapot Cleaning Day; © 2014 madlyinlovewithlife

Big Danbo & Little Danbo; © 2014 madlyinlovewithlife

23 thoughts on “The Danbo Brothers: Teapot Cleaning Day

  1. Oh my goodness, this is so adorable! Too cute for words.
    How sweet of the Danbo Brothers to help you with housecleaning. They seem to be very meticulous with their work, while enjoying it too :)) Thank you so much for making my day!!

    • Thank you so much,Takami! The Danbos are adorable, aren’t they? These two brothers always make me smile! :)) And they really do seem to enjoy whatever they are doing. Have a wonderful weekend, Takami! :))

  2. It’s always nice to see the Danbo Bro’s. I didn’t realize they were so industrious. How fortunate for you. I’m sorry I haven’t visited your blog lately. I can see I’ve missed some stellar writing and of course your marvelous pictures. It’s been a busy summer for us and it looks to stay that way for some time. I’m delighted to see all the comments that you get. It’s a wonderful blog and you so deserve the recognition my friend.

    • Hello David! Thank you! And yes, the Danbo Brothers do seem to accomplish a lot, especially considering their small stature. Size doesn’t seem to be an issue for them! :)) Thanks for popping by and enjoy the rest of your summer! :))

  3. Thank you for introducing me to the Danbo Brothers. I had not previously been introduced and I’m just delighted. They are such hard workers, too! I hope you aren’t planning to work them too hard for the weekend. :-)

    • Thanks, Debra! Ha..ha! I wish I had some control of these two characters. In spite of their small size, they are fiercely independent. They keep surprisingly late hours and come and go of their own accord. I often have no idea what they are up to. I am delighted, however, that they seem to be quite taken with my kitchen. I think they may be interested in cooking. We shall see. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend! :))

    • Thanks, France! I’ll have to see if I can entice them to vacuum. Although I may not have to resort to enticement as they seem to find cleaning fun! :))
      Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  4. Haha :)) Wonderful Jeannie…Great to see them earning there keep :) No rain here….yet!? Thankfully…..Hope you are enjoying the weekend regardless of the rain…

    • Thanks, Sam! These two guys do like to work, which is nice, but their entertainment value alone is compensation enough! The weather has unexpectedly cleared, so we are getting some bonus sunshine! :))) Enjoy your weekend! :)))

    • Hello Mark! The Danbo brothers are indeed feeling quite at home here–they are fitting into our household very well. And thank you so much for the music link! The link you sent above doesn’t work here in Canada, but I found one that does: Mr Tembo, by Damon Albarn. And the Danbos and I both love the music–especially as we are particularly partial to the ukulele. It’s got a great beat and a happy rhythm. We have it playing now and the Danbos are dancing in the kitchen as I write. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the great music link! :))

      ~ Jeannie

  5. You wash tea pots? I didn’t know I should!! I’ve been using my Japanese (pottery) tea pot for YEARS without cleaning them out. I thought that crud that builds up inside adds “character” to the tea but I guess not! Yikes! Maybe I should just throw it out and order a new one from the Danbo Bros…. :-) You are such an excellent photographer…and patient! I could never be patient enough to position the “Swiffer”!

    • Koji, I generally don’t scour the insides of my teapots either. I only set the Danbos up to give them all an outside polish for the purpose of the photo shoot. But since you mentioned it, I got curious about cleaning in teapots myself, as I have heard the same thing as you. Here’s an answer I found online in this little article: To Clean or Not to Clean. The small ladybug teapot in this photo is a special yixing clay teapot and, for sure, I never clean that one out, as the whole idea with that particular special teapot is to brew the same kind of tea in it every time so that eventually, the special unglazed zisha clay absorbs the flavours. It is said, that over many years of use one will be able to brew tea just from pouring hot water into the yixing tea pot.

      These Danbos are fun to photograph, though I find them quite a challenge as their colour is rather bland.

      Thanks for stopping by, Koji. I appreciate your visits. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :))

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