Urban Bees in My Balcony Garden in the Sky



Recipe for Happiness:

One warm sunny day.
One lavender blossom.
One bee.
And someone to appreciate it all:
that’s me.

~ madlyinlovewithlife

City Bees

I recently read a little blurb in one of our city magazines pronouncing Calgary to be a “Bee-Friendly City”. It stated that our urban bee population is thriving due to Calgary’s rich biodiversity of plant life and due to a growing movement to reduce pesticide and herbicide use around our city. A program called Bees for Communities has brought 400 new hives into Calgary to give backyard hobbyist beekeepers an opportunity to hone their skills under the supervision of an experienced beekeeper, and the City of Calgary Parks Department has instituted a program to plant more bee-friendly trees in the city. All these efforts add up to more urban bees.

My Little Balcony Garden in the Sky

Every spring, I plant a little balcony garden. It’s a small garden, composed entirely of containers that I arrange and cluster closely together. Typically, I plant out about 30 pots each year. Except for two Amur maple trees, nothing potted survives our cold winters, so I replant all 30 pots anew each spring.



CA6042377531_290203cd9b_o-EditBees and Lavender

I love bees and I love lavender and I know that bees love lavender too. But when I first planted pots of lavender in the hope of attracting some bees, I wasn’t sure if any bees would find my lavender pots so far up above the ground. When I saw my very first bee head-first in a lavender blossom in my garden, I was thrilled to bits.



BE6042381123_12dc692a2b_o-EditI have no idea how the bees find my lavender plants way up here in my sky garden, but it delights me to no end to see one. Since bees don’t typically fly at this high altitude, I suspect they find the lavender by scent alone.

Goodnight Bees.
Goodnight Lavender.
Goodnight Moon.

6036415166_3924d46dab_o-EditThank Goodness for Urban Bees

However it is that the bees find my lavender blossoms, I’m thrilled that they do. Just as I cannot imagine a city without birds, I cannot picture living in a city without bees. I don’t know why bees make me so happy—but they do.


Image Credits:

All photographs by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2012 madlyinlovewithlife

18 thoughts on “Urban Bees in My Balcony Garden in the Sky

  1. A wonderful series of shots and a lovely looking balcony garden you have Jeannie.It’s always nice to see them busily going about there work..Have a great Sunday :))

  2. Hello Jeannie,
    What a marvelous post! The combination of lavender (I agree they look like ladies wearing fancy hats) and bee is perfect. I love bees too, and (while I’m sure I’ll get strange looks for writing this) I think they have ‘cuteness’ and charm that’s simply irresistible. And I’ll say it again…I *love* how you use natural lighting so perfectly :))) Thanks for making my Monday morning!

  3. I like bees too, we wouldn’t have honey with out them ;) Your balcony garden is so beautiful and gorgeous photos!!!

  4. For a small garden of balcony, it is splendid.
    It feels good the lavender and the bees must be happy.
    Have a beautiful day. Herve

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