A Poem: Hot Date


Hot Date

Beauty knows
her most irresistible feature
is supreme confidence;
that she could wear practically anything
and start a whole new craze.

Sitting in her boudoir,
she delicately powders her nose—
a dusting of dawn’s first light,
blushes her cheeks with fresh dewdrop of rose,
and feathers a single stroke of sunlight
above each perfect cheek bone;

does up some killer smoky eyes–
indigo sky with silver flecks of stardust,
dabs her neck with dots of jasmine-scented rain,
dangles the stars and the moon
from her luscious earlobes,
sprays her hair with morning-mist
and gets out her special occasion party dress–
a dazzling cut of the Milky Way
hemmed with fireflies.

She drapes over her shoulders a shawl for evening,
gossamer, spun from the finest spider’s silk,
and oh,
almost forgetting,
at the very last moment,
grabs the ocean,
strings it hastily around her neck,
leaving a wake of sun pearls and water crystals
as she runs out the door
for a very hot date.

And the whole Universe goes gaga.

~ by madlyinlovewithlife
From my collection of poetry, “Blowing Rings Around the Moon”
© 2010 madlyinlovewithlife


Image Credit:

Blue Salvia: Dancing with Light; © 2012 madlyinlovewithlife

16 thoughts on “A Poem: Hot Date

  1. Hello Jeannie,
    It looks like Beauty is ready to take on the universe! :)))
    As always, your photography takes my breath away, and, there always seem to be brightness and light in all your shots (which I love!).

    • Thank you so much, Takami. I do love light, bright images–it’s the kind of photography I naturally gravitate toward. I especially love backlighting. But I have much to learn about lighting; I am only scratching the surface and I want to experiment with all sorts of styles. Isn’t it fun to paint light with our cameras? The digital age has been so freeing. In the days of film photography, I was always too conscious of the cost of “wasting film”, so I didn’t play around that much and, consequently, I didn’t learn that much either.

      • As you know, I am a beginner, and still trying to figure some (many) things out, so it’s reassuring to know that even skilled photographers like yourself continue to learn/develop new styles :)))

        I humbly agree there are many perks to the digital age, one of the most important (as you have already pointed out) is that we don’t have to worry about wasting film! And, we can check our results immediately after snapping a shot, which is helpful too ;)

        I also want to experiment & play around with different styles, and hopefully make some ‘nice’ images in the process. Thank you again for your nice reply, and hope you have a great weekend!

        • Takami, I may have learned a few things, but I too am still a beginner. It’s a good state of mind to be in–there is an openness to the beginner mind that invites possibilities. I love this Shunryu Suzuki quote from Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few”.

          • Hello again Jeannie,
            Last comment from me today, I promise ;))
            I think you’d like the Japanese proverb 初心忘るべからず (Don’t forget the beginner’s mind). Of course I know that keeping this state of mind is not a uniquely ‘Japanese’ concept – but since you mentioned the Zen quote, I thought you’d like it :)

            • Oh, thank you so much for that quote, Takami. I love it and I shall think of it often. And thank you also for writing it in your beautiful Japanese language (I love the beautiful artistry of your Japanese characters). It may not be a uniquely Japanese concept, but that is where I first came across it and it really struck me as a powerful idea. Thank you for all of your comments. I’ve enjoyed our discourse. :)

  2. Love this poem Jeannie. Will you post more poems from this collection? The photo is beautiful….a perfect choice to accompany this post!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Michelle. I shall keep on playing. I think the marriage of technique and creativity that art school offers would be a very fun journey, but I agree that art school is not necessary for anyone to express their creativity. Still, I love the opportunities the internet offers me to learn from people like yourself, who are studying technique. Thanks, again. :))

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