Unsung Hero: A Little Something to Warm Your Heart


“Kindness is ever the begetter of kindness.”

~ Sophocles

Deliberate Acts of Kindness

Many of us have heard the phrase “Random Acts of Kindness”. Well, this beautifully filmed, inspiring Thai commercial is about “Deliberate Acts of Kindness”.

I love it when a YouTube video with a great message goes viral (it currently has 14.5 million hits), so I thought I’d keep on spreading the joy. Unsung Hero is a beautiful short film with a beautiful message. It is exquisitely filmed, so I recommend watching it in full-screen mode in high definition (HD).

I truly believe that inside each of us lives a heart of goodness. Not that I think it is humanly possible to always stay completely connected to this wise, beautiful and good aspect of ourselves, but if we choose to, I believe that all of us can connect with it more frequently than we often allow ourselves to.

Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law for passing this video along.


15 thoughts on “Unsung Hero: A Little Something to Warm Your Heart

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  2. I knew you’d enjoy this wonderful message as it follows your philosophy of life! Thanks for the acknowledgement – my pleasure.

  3. Wonderfully inspirational..Thanks for sharing this fantastic heart warming video Jeannie..Hope you have a great sunny weekend :)

    • Thanks, Sam! It really is an inspiring and heart-warming video and so beautifully filmed too. I’m glad that more people are getting to see it. Have a nice weekend! :))

  4. I watched this last night and it warmed my heart. Folks need to see more of this kind of thing. I think the front pages of our news sources should be rife this kind of genre. So much better than listing all the woes in the world. I guess we need to see that too but let’s prioritize things differently. Thanks for this.

    • Thanks, David. I agree with you. I really believe that if all the good news stories in the world were reported, the bad news would only be a small blip. I think news channels and newspapers give us a really distorted view of our world. I acknowledge that there certain pockets of bad things going on, but I think that the good things, like the kindness shown in this video, far outweigh the bad. I have a fundamental belief that this world is generally good. And I also think that our beliefs are reflected back to us. My world isn’t perfect, I know there’s no such thing, but in my experience people are generally incredibly kind. As always, my friend, thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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