Colours, Bunnies & Chocolate Everywhere

Peter-&-LillianBrightOPTThe Arrival of Peter and Lillian

Ah… it’s that fun time of year again when Peter and Lillian come around. They generally show up sometime in early spring, I’m never quite sure exactly when they’ll arrive, I just know they always do.

I love seeing them. They stay for a couple of weeks and hide foil-wrapped chocolate eggs all about the place—now that’s my kind of house guest. It’s very fun when they’re around because I never know where I might find a little chocolate treat: in my make-up bag, in the butter-keeper, perched on top of a picture frame or in an empty pot in the cupboard. It takes me a while to find them all, especially as they seem to replenish them often. And they are so good at hiding them that I often find some long after they’ve left.

DSC_8491_2218OPTShe’s like a rainbow
Coming colors in the air
Oh, everywhere
She comes in colors

~ Mick Jagger and Keith Richards;
lyrics from “She’s a Rainbow”,
The Rolling Stones (1967)

Keeping on the theme of bunnies everywhere, you simply must check out the colourful, magical and totally delightful video below. It features oodles of Play-Doh bunnies being unleashed on New York City to the still fresh and fabulous soundtrack song, “She’s a Rainbow”, by The Rolling Stones.

For a fascinating look at the genius behind this wonderful claymation film, check out this great video: The Making of the Sony Bravia Play-Doh Ad.


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