In Search of a Midnight Morsel: A Short Story

MoonOPTMoonlight Mouse

Moonlight Mouse knew two things for sure: he knew what he wanted and he knew where to find it. The only uncertain part was knowing exactly how he would get it. But Moonlight did not call it uncertainty. He called it fun, he called it an adventure—it was the delicious figuring-it-out-as-you-go part. His best friend, Timothy, did not share his perspective, but no amount of dissuasion could diffuse Moonlight’s stubborn determination to venture into the potentially treacherous kitchen of “The Giant Ones” (as people are known to mice). He’d caught a whiff of something delectable wafting out from there, and now his desire to sample it was powerful.

Moonlight’s olfactory abilities were extraordinary, even for a mouse. He was gifted, to be sure: Moonlight’s nose was so refined that, often, he could accurately identify a scent from just a single molecule. He couldn’t help it that he had such a keen sense of smell and a finely-tuned palate—he simply had to follow the intoxicating scent trail, which he believed (if his incredibly discerning nose was correct), would lead him to a very fine, handcrafted, ten year old aged cheddar. Moonlight Mouse fancied his cheese extra-sharp. “A small nibble”, he thought, “just a wee morsel is all I need for a little midnight snack”.

by madlyinlovewithlife



A Ratatouille-inspired little story

For those unfamiliar with the movie, Ratatouille is a delightful 2007 animated film, produced by Pixar Animation Studio, about an unusual rat with an extraordinary palate and an amazing culinary talent who follows his dream to become a chef by joining forces with a young man who cleans the floors in a famous Parisian restaurant. The animation is simply magical and awe-inspiring–the attention to detail in every scene is extraordinary, the colour palette is vibrant and beautiful and the lighting is exquisite. This film is a gem.

I love the film’s message to follow your passion, no matter how impossible it seems, even when you don’t know how it might come about. My favourite line from the film is: “Anyone can cook.” Which, in this case, of course, means: even if you’re a rat.  Ha…ha… I love this film and confess that I own the DVD of it. Watching it always leaves me feeling uplifted, happy and optimistic.



Image Credits:
Moonlight Mouse, digital art by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2012 madlyinlovewithlife

Harvest Moon Cheese, digital art by madlyinlovewithlife; © 2014 madlyinlovewithlife

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