Life is Supposed to Be Fun!

“Laugh more. Play more. Joke more. Sing more. Smile more. Dance more. Eat more delicious food. Take more naps. Look for beautiful things all around you. Have fun. Have fun. Have fun!”

~ madlyinlovewithlife

Welcome to my blog.

This is my very first post on my first ever blog. My intentions for carving out this little space on the world wide web are simple: to use it as a mechanism to focus on things that bring me joy and happiness; to follow my heart; to have a lot of fun; and to simply enjoy every step along my journey here. In the process, I hope to offer a place where there is always an inspiring image or an uplifting quote; a place to find something that surprises or delights, a place to find something to laugh or smile about; a place where perhaps one can find something that gives pause for thought.

Call me Pollyanna if you wish–I’d consider it a compliment; I think the world can only benefit from more Pollyannas­–but the stance I try to hold to is to do my best to see the glass at least half full. To see it full would be even better. I fully admit I’m not always there–I’m a living work in progress and life is a process. What I think is more important is maintaining a desire to want to cultivate a general proclivity towards positivity. Like a camera zooming in on the best parts of the picture, I want to make choices that focus upon the goodness and the beauty all around me.

I’m not saying that other stuff doesn’t exist. I know it does. I’m just saying that I’ve made a personal and conscious decision to lean towards optimism and to hold steadfast to the belief that somehow things always turn out alright, even if in any given moment it might not look like it–because, in my experience, things do somehow always turn out alright.

By the way, Pollyanna triumphed. How her character ever came to be considered absurd mystifies me. Absurdly positive? That’s what I am unapologetically aiming for.

Here is a bit more about me.

Image Credit:
A Bun Dance, original art by madlyinlovewithlife.
© 2014 madlyinlovewithlife

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